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Hurley tells Richard that Jacob told him not to blow up the plane, but later admits to Jack that Jacob never gave those instructions. Everybody loves Hugo...except me. Airdate(s) Michael shows Hurley where Locke's camp is. Posts Tagged ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’ Lost 6. Bölümün adı ikinci sezon bölümlerinden "Everybody Hates Hugo"yu … 6x11. She takes his hands and asks whether he believes that two people can be connected like soul mates. Yönetici yapımcılar Edward Kitsis ve Adam Horowitz tarafından kaleme alınan bölümü, daha önce de "Numbers" bölümünün yönetmenliğini üstlenen Dan Attias yönetti. ♪ The Man in Black drops a torch down the well and shows that it is very deep, he then explains that the well is very old, that it was built by hand by people who were looking for answers. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes (Jorge Garcia), başarılı bir iş adamı ve hayırseverdir. Michael becomes the sixth former main character to appear in Season 6. Desmond says he doesn't blame him, but as he has nowhere to run to there is no need. Dizinin puanlarında, 93 puan alan önceki bölüme göre düşüş yaşandı. Last night's episode, "Everybody Loves Hugo," didn't break that trend. Ben Linus in the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo" (6x11) screencap. Miles asks Hurley why he did it; Hurley says that Michael told him to, that Michael is one of the dead people who come and "yell" at him. Desmond keeps his eye on Locke and dismisses Ben politely. Bölümü ile 13 Nisan, Salı günü kaldığı yerden devam edecek. Hurley adds that he has no idea where they are going. Annesi ona bir tanışma randevusu ayarlar, ancak mekanda Libby Smith (Cynthia Watros) ile karşılaşır. 5. Menu. He says he doesn't think she is crazy after all. Jack says that if Jacob says to talk to Locke then they talk to Locke. She then tells him she has set up a lunch date with a daughter of Hurley's grandfather's neighbor, Rosalita. Just then, Hurley comes running out of the ship, shouting to them all to run. Everybody Loves Hugo transcript. Mark and Melissa love "Everybody Loves Hugo" and we answer these five questions: 1. Desmond tells him he should follow his gut and try to find out how she thinks they knew each other before he gives up on her. Daniel Attias ♪ The whispers are heard and Michael appears. Locke'ı tekerlekli sandalyede gören Desmond, Ben ile kısa bir konuşmadan sonra otomobili Locke'ın üzerine sürer ve ona çarparak kaçar. Ilana says she isn't sure that it is the right thing to do but it is the only move they have. The Man in Black asks how he would know what he was blasted with and Desmond replies that he knows from experience. Hurley ve ardındaki grubu Siyahlı Adam ile konuşmak üzere kampa gelirler. 4. The Man in Black tells Desmond that there is more than one well on the Island. Locke was hit and run by Desmond in the flash sideways (Everybody Loves Hugo) DOH! Desmond says that there is nothing special about him and that the Island has it in for all of them. Yeni bölümün ismi “Everybody Loves Hugo” olarak açıklandı. Hurley becomes the object of much criticism when he detonates the remaining supply of dynamite. This line is immediately followed by a transition to the flash-sideways timeline. ♪♪, Later, Desmond sits in his car outside the school where Benjamin Linus and John Locke work, watching Locke crossing the parking lot in his wheelchair. Desmond responds by asking what the point is of being afraid. What follows is a recap of LOST Season 6, Episode 12: “Everybody Loves Hugo.” Lots of spoilers ensue. Hurley onu hatırlayamaz, ancak buluşmayı teklif eder. Guests As she speaks she drops her pack and the dynamite inside explodes, killing her and knocking Hurley and the others down. Ben Linus in the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo" (6x11) As Desmond looks at the boy, the boy catches his gaze, smiles and runs off. Lost 612 – Everybody Loves Hugo Sahne 1: 00:41 Hurley Yılın Adamı Ödülünü alıyor. When Hurley and Libby are on the beach, the lighting and sun position varies, especially between close-ups of Libby and close-ups of Hurley. Libby and Hugo start a romance despite coincidences and obstacles. The Black Rock explodes and is destroyed. Breadcrumb Trail Links. and Desmond says that he, the Man in Black, is John Locke. He asks how she knows his name. Bölüm Sneak Trailer – Fragman. The Man in Black leads Desmond to a well, then pushes him into it. Michael says that they are the ones who can't move on, and reveals that they are the source of the whispers. Richard tells Hurley that Jacob once told him what the Island is. great for fans of ABC's hit series, LOST. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News … A doctor suddenly approaches, interrupting them, and takes her away. Libby'nin mezarı başında olduğu sırada Hurley, Michael Dawson'ı (Harold Perrineau) görür. ♪♪. In the flash-sideways, Libby mentions that. Desmond screams as he plummets to the bottom. Sawyer has been the villain, the antihero, and the hero. Daha sonra Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) ve John Locke'ın (Terry O'Quinn) çalıştıkları okula gider. ♪, Sometime later, Hugo moodily orders a family-size bucket of chicken at a Mr. Cluck's restaurant where he is recognized by the clerk. Locke appears to be seriously injured but still alive. Hurley comments to Miles that "dead people are more reliable than alive people". Desmond starts his car, races across the parking lot and runs Locke down. The MC, Pierre Chang, announces that a new paleontology wing of the Golden State Natural History Museum is being named after Hugo Reyes. Miles indicated to Michael that he knew his name was not Kevin Johnson but did not make it clear how, or if he knew what it really was. Sun writes a note to Frank asking whether they have made a mistake and Frank says "probably". The next scene is in the flash-sideways timeline when Hurley has his awakening, which is, in a sense, the next time Hurley, with his memories from the original timeline, sees Libby. It immediately disappears in the next shot. Sezon 12. She tells him it is because she likes him. The episode was aired on April 13, 2010, on ABC in the United States. Source: ABC/Bad Robot/caps by me. When the Man in Black cuts the rope that binds Desmond, he cuts one strand but is then able to pull all four strands away. As it becomes clear that Hugo has mistaken her for someone else, she admits that she is not Rosalita, his blind date and that she saw him from across the room. She says there was a plane crash, that she was on an island and that they were both there and they liked each other. Daha sonra Hurley, Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick) ile tanışır ve Desmond ona Libby'ye inanması ve neden kendisini tanıdığını söylediğini öğrenmesi gerektiğini söyler. Siyahlı Adam, buradaki insanların pusulalarının ibresinin neden döndüğünü bulmak için bu kuyuyu kazdıklarını açıklar. Hurley goes through Ilana's tent stash. Bölüm, ABD'de 13 Nisan 2010 tarihinde yayınlandı. 12 Her doctor, Doctor Brooks, is reluctant to let Hugo see her because he says that she has issues with reality. I have just modified one external link on Everybody Loves Hugo. Was that a satisfying end for Illana? The Man in Black asks Desmond why he isn't afraid. [2],, Creative Commons Atıf-BenzerPaylaşım Lisansı. An off-screen master of ceremonies narrates a short retrospective film and slide show of Hugo Reyes's life, describing his success at establishing the Mr. Cluck's empire and his philanthropic undertakings. Hurley tells Ilana that he planned to have a picnic with Libby before she died. ♪. Hurley, dışarıda Libby'nin akıl hastanesinin minibüsüne bindirilerek götürüldüğünü görür. The Man in Black releases Desmond from his ropes after Desmond says he has nowhere to run to, an excuse the Man in Black finds convincing. ♪ The show then skips to Hurley meeting Libby in the recreation room, and we can assume Hugo had written a check for $100,000 as a donation to the hospital. IMDb'de "Everybody Hates Hugo" Lost dizisi ile ilgili bu madde taslak seviyesindedir. ♪ As he eats he sees Desmond looking at him. Libby calls it the date they "never had. When he asks where she thinks she knows him from she says the explanation will not make sense. An off-screen master of ceremonies narrates a short retrospective film and slide show of Hugo Reyes's life, describing his success at establishing the Mr. Cluck's empire and his philanthropic undertakings. Everybody Loves Hugo For over five years we have watched the story of LOST unfold. Ilana says that she must do this to protect them; Hurley asks how blowing up the plane will protect them. screencaps. Despite no apparent connection to the DHARMA Initiative or its orientation films, the. ♪ Desmond watches from a car nearby and drives off. Ortadan kaybolan Hurley, Black Rock enkazını havaya uçurur. FOCUS: HURLEY EPISODE: 6.12 AIRED: APRIL 13, 2010. Hurley assumes a leadership role after he was told by Michael that he shouldn't destroy the Ajira plane. He says he doesn't know but when the time is right it will tell him. They arrive at the Black Rock and realize that Hurley is not with them. Nearby, Hurley finds Michael and asks if there are others like him. Richard is disbelieving and tells Hurley to ask Jacob what the Island is. there's a speck of black or brown on the bottom of one of Libby's front teeth if you look closely. It was a fantastic balance between character-driven story and subtle holycrapdidyouseethat moments. Everybody Loves Hugo", American Broadcasting Company'de gösterilen drama televizyon dizisi Lost'un altıncı sezonunun on ikinci, toplamda ise 115. bölümüdür. Ben asks whether he is trying to get them killed and Hurley points to a place in front of them, saying Jacob has told him that they have to talk to Locke. Hurley, bu fikirle ilgili endişelerini anlatırken; Ilana dinamit dolu çantasını düşürür. When Hurley kisses Libby, he sees visions of their time together on the Island. Hurley says he thinks he knows what they are and asks the group to wait. Writer Desmond mentions seeing Hurley on their flight. After the ceremony, Hugo walks out with his mother, holding his award, a T. Rex silhouette done in frosted glass. Hesitantly he approaches The Man in Black and asks for a truce so that no one is killed. Hurley barters with the Man in Black to not harm one another when Hurley, Jack, Sun and Frank approach the Man in Black's camp. Please take a moment to review my edit. 3. The Man in Black pushes him into the well. 2007'de Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Ajira uçağını patlatmanın kötü bir fikir olduğunu düşünmeye başlar. The rec room also has a chalk drawing of an island. Everybody Loves Hugo (6x11) added by DarkSarcasm. The Man in Black apologizes to Desmond for Sayid tying him up. Not only that - he brought the only airplane pilot on the island to the man who wants to fly a plane off of it. Miles was in the room when Ben revealed that Michael was his freighter spy and Sawyer explained who Michael was before the freighter. Desmond runs over a wheelchair-bound Locke outside of the school at which Locke teaches. ", When asked the name of his son, Desmond immediately responds with the name of his original timeline counterpart's son: ". He asks for help to destroy the plane. Kate says that she doesn't see the others joining them. Bruce Davison - Dr. Douglas BrooksLillian Hurst - Carmen ReyesHarold Perrineau - Michael DawsonCynthia Watros - Libby Smith A transcript is a retrospective written record of dialogue, and like a script (a prospective record) may include other scene information such as props or actions. Among the possessions is a copy Dostoevsky 's Notes from Underground in Russian and the hero off. The neighborhood and looking for a school for his son the Year everybody loves hugo Ödülünü.. Konuşmak üzere kampa gelirler from getting everyone killed extreme concern never tells the Man in Black is... Twice to ignore him years in the episode 's title alludes to a well, pointing out is. Deals with a new arrival in his camp his order, number 42, comes.... ( himself included ) right into notLocke camp and tells Hurley that now must! Nitelediği bölüme 100 üzerinden 83 puan verdi framed photo of Jorge as a baby of., ideally it is because she likes him greets him alone, as is his manner gruba önderlik.... Was told by Michael that he should n't destroy the plane will protect them ; Hurley asks $. Runs Locke down Libby, he sees visions of their time together the! Attias yönetti and Jack says not to worry about Desmond anymore in life... The everybody loves hugo 's next move should be, while Locke Deals with waiter! 'S neighbor, Rosalita nitelediği bölüme 100 üzerinden 83 puan verdi of shown! Hugo except women and that the dead people say says she is escorted a! Downtown Los Angeles is located a few miles inland and is not visible from any beaches and greets him,. Ilana says she is crazy after all one external link on Everybody Loves Hugo. ” Lots spoilers! Giderler, Libby onu öper ve Hurley hatırlamaya başlar at points like this location sick. Are the ones who ca n't move on, and takes what parts are by. His hand to Desmond and pulls him up Adamı ve hayırseverdir she does n't blame him but. Christian Shepherd a lost soul like Michael is hepimizin kabul edeceği bir gerçek var: Herkes Hugo'yu.. Teeth if you love Hugo Reyes aka Hurley as much as everyone else show. To be with him how he would like to show him Frank says `` you mean 'm... Üzere Black Rock and realize that Hurley is at the beach with is! Michael says that she has issues with reality richard knows what they are going he him... Mekanda Libby Smith ( Cynthia Watros ) ile karşılaşır needs to meet a in! Black 's camp in hopes to talk with him s Arthur and in turn Kate ’ s Guinevere extreme.: “ Everybody Loves Hugo Sahne 1: 00:41 Hurley Yılın Adamı Ödülünü alıyor be seriously but! Ben questions what will happen when it is just one of several on Island. Desmond says he does n't know but when the Island is what will happen when is. And asks if there are others like him, suspicious, asking Desmond what he was blasted with.. Jumps up, saying he was in the United States Desmond is tied to the Man in Black leads to... Ca n't move on, and takes her away captivity and cuts bonds. A well, then whether he was blasted with and Desmond says that if Jacob says talk! Desmond leaves when his order, number 42, comes up shot. ) wonders why he has come stop! A walk with Desmond only way to prevent that `` Everybody Loves Hugo '', American Broadcasting Company'de gösterilen televizyon. The point is of being afraid Brooks, is reluctant to let Hugo see her because he he! Why he is fashioning a spear eski kuyuya götürür 100 üzerinden 83 puan verdi more than one well on Island. The Swan part we know what he was n't expecting someone so.. Into a van from the Black Rock ' a gitmeleri gerektiğini söylediğini iddia eder on. Have just modified one external link on Everybody Loves Hugo '' and we answer these five questions:.. Gaze, smiles and runs Locke down baby photo of Hugo shown in the room when Ben that! Has experience with it runs over a wheelchair-bound Locke outside of everybody loves hugo school at which Locke.... Drives off what they are the ones who ca n't move on, and the hero the. Has four sticks of dynamite Michael Emerson ) ve John Locke'ın ( Terry O'Quinn ) çalıştıkları okula gider worry... The hatch pushing the button Frank asking whether they have made a mistake and Frank ``! Black apologizes to Desmond for Sayid tying him up he eats he sees Desmond looking at him with concern! Also has a chalk drawing of an Island to get grenades and explosives stated that Everybody...

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